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Software Development

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Qik ads is a software development company in India that provides software solutions in India and overseas to its clients seeking customized software solutions. We have the vision and determination to prove our worth. We hold expertise in Blending the latest technologies and trends into your services and finding solution of any complexity.

We have marked our brilliant presence in small time with for adept software development services.

Software development incorporates several important parts like generating ideas, idea screening, Market research, Requirements Analysis, Design, Code, Deployment, Subsystem Testing, concept testing and market analysis, actual development of the product, test marketing and commercialization.

We believe in best practices in software engineering can lead to better software product. We deal in the following:-

  • Manage requirements

Requirement are dynamic we understand they can expect them to change; we gain agreement with client from very beginning. We promise you quality of service from start to end.


  • Planning

We start with allocating resources like staff and time in an orderly and systematic manner. We start from learning about your service our skillful team extract ambiguous or even contradictory requirements at this point. We quantify goals here in this step and establish a means of measuring success and making you part of work, we let you know everything.

  • Proper Documentation

Documentation is a regimented process. It not only promotes clean partition of work but also enhances improved maintainability and extensibility in a software product. It is a support system to enhance a communication with others process. Following these improvements can be chased and managed.


  • Model Software

Modeling or prototyping improves our skill to manage software complexity. Improving system understanding and early discovery of errors diminishing system defects are also its key benefits.


  • Develop iteratively

We work for customer satisfaction; we keep on working on software development process until client is satisfied with the same.

What do we have for you…?


  • Dedicated team

We have a dedicated that you can outsource for your service. We have a team of well experienced application developers, choicest web designers, quality assurance experts who have contributed in development of a large number of projects

  • Flexible Members

Inability to deal with changing requirements can create issues in working scenario. Our software developers embrace new changes and take them positively. Inaccurate understanding of end user needs can also cause issues one cannot stop problems from irrupting but handling them with poise can lead to better results.

  • Communication

We believe communication leads to betterment at both ends we therefore are available for you 24*7 at helpdesk .May it be through In Conduct Computing, email or Phone support system, we will always be there for you.

  • Management

We split the product into fixed-time phases in an appropriate manner. This option enhances liability mechanism. One can easily only gets next phase’s fund allocation if the client is satisfied with current deliverables. Insufficient requirements management always lands both parties in trouble.

  • Software Quality
  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Reuse
  • Maintainability


We guarantee to provide you a product of supreme quality which fits in all quality measures.

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